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The one where Megan + Taylor get Frerking Married


It was such a beautiful weekend wedding at Heritage Ranch in Sedalia, Missouri – this wedding could not have possibly been more stunning! Jewel tones, warm balmy weather, a barn venue, sunshine, farm animals, and the sweetest couple that are so in love, full of life and a joy to be around!

The day started out a warm, sunshine-y, and 80 degrees, and Heritage Ranch was absolutely stunning to pull up to. The beautiful rustic barn makes the perfect venue for the type of sweet, country wedding that Megan and Taylor planned. From the beautiful bouquets to the photos and table decor, the bible verse guest book for guests to highlight their favorite passage, the string lights surrounding the venue, and the choice in apparel, every single detail of their day was planned to perfection.

Within the getting ready suites, the bride and groom were surrounded by their best friends, family members and teams of people preparing them for the sweetest day of their lives. The contrast between the groom’s room and the space for the bride is always fun to see – one being a flurry of hair, makeup and dresses, shoes ready for an two hours of wear at most, and so much laughter, the other a room full of a bunch of groomsmen making rowdy jokes, fighting with boutonni√®res, and putting pants on a cow head.

As soon as Taylor finished getting into his suit, the guys headed over to the front of the barn to get portraits done before the wedding. This was such a fun group of best friends – and some of the coolest groomsmen portraits thanks to the beautiful light in the barn and the string lights twinkling behind them!

Afterwards Taylor headed up to the top of the barn to get his own photos done and then privately open a gift from Megan before the ceremony and based on his expressions I’d say he enjoyed his gift.

Once Taylor was tucked back away, it was time for Megan to come get into her dress and get ready for first looks with her bridesmaids and dad before the ceremony. Her sweet mama Hollie helped her get ready in the loft of the barn, while the sun shone through the open barn window creating the most beautiful light and soft rays of sunshine filtering through the air.

Taylor surprised Megan with the sweetest gift for Mothers day and the wedding day all in one, with a sweet tapestry with the ultrasound of their little babe on it and the most precious necklace along with a few other things that were just so precious, thoughtful, and very Taylor.

that is one proud dad

Before we get to the first looks, you should know that one of the best things about this day was just how much love there was surrounding this couple – as soon as Megan’s dad arrived, the first thing he showed off was the t-shirt she made for him that he was so incredibly proud of. He even wore it underneath his clothes for the wedding.

He definitely brought it back out when he did his first look with Megan and it was just the absolute cutest thing. Everyone deserves a daddy that is so full of love for their little girl!

While Megan was tucked away before the did her first look with her bridesmaids, her brother Jake came out to do the sweetest little first look with his daughter Halle. Even sweeter is the reason they had this planned – so that when Halle is grown and has a wedding day of her very own, her daddy and her can recreate this sweet little moment together.

That day will definitely be full of so much love as well, from her dad, uncle, and auntie Megan. And – no doubt – so much nostalgia from this moment right here.

After the most stunning set of bridesmaids portraits with all of these beautiful women dressed in the most gorgeous jewel toned dresses by Baltic Born, Megan headed back up for some of the most beautiful photos of her own in her gorgeous dress and stunning jewelry. She made the most stunning bride and was so naturally, effortlessly beautiful in every single image.

Megan and Taylor also chose to do a first touch prior to their ceremony so they could have a sweet moment together before the wedding began and this was just the most precious, intimate moment. Holding the vows they privately wrote for each other, Megan and Taylor joined hands and supported each other in the final moments before the ceremony.

From here, there was nothing to do but anxiously await the moment Megan walked down, arm in arm with her dad. The crowd began to fill the seats of the outdoor ceremony setup, the wedding party got into place, and the ceremony began.

This is the exact moment that Taylor and Megan were married – they became husband and wife and it is the most precious thing ever.

Immediately following the ceremony we captured their family photos and group portraits before it was time for the partying to commence!

By far one of the most fun entrances you could possibly choose for your wedding, Megan and Taylor kicked off the reception with a fast-paced game of flip-cup. Brace yourselves for the stand-off because it was INTENSE.

And you all just have to see this beautiful cake before Megan and Taylor get into it by first cake fighting each other, then turning on their best man and maid of honor!

After the cake cutting, and toasts, the first dances were done and the couple snuck out for a few of the sweetest self portraits with a surprise guest!

The party continued inside and the rest of the night was an absolute frenzy of fun, dancing, sneaking out for couples portraits, and small baby animals! Scroll through the photos to see all of the ways that the party got wild!

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Frerking!!!
Every bit of this day was as wild and beautiful as the love you two share. I just know your sweet baby is going to be born into the most incredible, loving family that you two have come from and created for yourselves!

Heres to the rest of forever, together.

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