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A Weather Whirlwind Wedding at Pine Meadows


For the type of love that Kelsey and Jim have, I feel like there is no better weather they could have possibly had for their first day of forever. From the very beginning, rolling into the farm at Pine Meadows Venue in Willow Springs, Missouri, the sun was shining down brightly on the big white barns that make up the ready suites and the event venue. From the opening gates to the wood accents, every detail makes this venue a gorgeous place for a rustic Missouri wedding.

Along with the talented videographers at Captured Productions, we began capturing some of the beautiful details of the Sharp’s wedding day. From the cake and catering to the florals, attire, and decor, all of it was just so sweet!

For me, the sweetest little detail was in the placements for the table seatings. Jimmy’s grandparents hold a big piece of his heart, so Kelsey and Jimmy created a special tribute to them through this table arrangement, made up of a little envelope that said “we hope you get lucky” on the sticker holding it closed. Inside the envelope was a little lottery ticket, a penny, and a note that said the following:

“When Jimmy was little, his grandmother Patty would hide pennies for him to find. Since her passing, every time he finds a penny he knows it’s a penny from Heaven. Please use this penny to scratch your lottery ticket. Something Jimmy and his grandpa love to do is gamble. Good luck! Thank you for celebrating with us on our special day. – Jimmy & Kelsey”

Once the details were captured, you could find Kelsey and Jimmy in suites opposite each other getting ready for the day. Each of them were full of a fun, nervous energy anticipating the moment they would say “I do!”

Surrounded by their closest friends and family, there was so much love to be found in each room.

Kelsey and her sweet momma who looks just like her, her future mother in law, sister in law, friends, sweet little niece, it just made the room so full of laughs and happiness.

Jimmy surrounded by the guys who matter most to him, cutting up and figuring out how to put on boutonnieres, and cracking a few cold ones made for a pretty fun time too.

The clouds started to make their way in and out, and it was time for the first looks. Each one was so sweet, the first between Kelsey and the man who fell in love with her when she was just a baby, the second between Kelsey and the man who gave her his heart when she was a woman.

There aren’t always a ton of tears, but you can almost guarantee there will be glossy eyes and a catch in the throat when you’re looking at the beautiful bride to be.

From here, Kelsey and Jimmy were ready for a fun set of portraits to knock them all out before the ceremony. One of the biggest perks of a first look, beyond that sweet, intimate moment between each other, is the ability to get the majority of photos complete before the ceremony has even started!

After these are done, all that’s left is the sitting and waiting for the ceremony to begin! The nervous anticipation is palpable and the excitement of all the friends and family waiting to see these two wed filled the air. As the processional began, the music played and the ceremony began. From the side of the ceremony, Kelsey arrived in a horse drawn carriage, by the most beautiful horses, and she was helped down and led down the aisle by her dad as her Mother watched while holding her significant other in a sweet embrace. Tears filled the mother of the grooms eyes, as Jimmy’s brother Sam officiated the wedding and in place of a traditional unity ceremony, Jimmy and Kelsey branded a leather piece with their own brand.

The ceremony was short, sweet, and the perfect way to unite this beautiful couple – and good thing too – because as the ceremony proceeded the weather started to shift! Dark clouds rolled in and we had just enough time to get some romantic couples portraits and half the family photos before a huge downpour of rain, hail, lightning and thunder. As we all ran into the venue for the entrance, finished some family portraits under the awning, the weather kept getting more intense until everyone’s phone simultaneously alerted to a tornado warning!

Once we were inside though, the storm felt like it no longer mattered! Before we knew it, the clouds had parted and it turned into a perfect, balmy evening for celebrating the newlyweds.

Once the storm had recessed, we did a quick little exit to take some more photos of the happy couple! We did this exit twice and Jimmy and Kelsey definitely got hit with the glow sticks more than a couple of times.

Totally worth it.

After these the reception started getting a little more cranked up – the drinks were going down, the music volume up, and the dancing was so much fun to see.

My absolute favorite part of the reception evening came a couple hours later when Kelsey came running over to me yelling “Jimmy is about to jump in the pond!” Immediately I changed my flash settings and ran the fastest I’ve run in a while to keep up with Kelsey while she chased Jimmy down to the pond at the bottom of the venue field!

I can’t imagine a more fun couple to roll with all the things the weather had in store for them! This picture of Jimmy is exactly how the night felt – you’re G-D- right, Jim Sharp!

Congratulations Kelsey & Jimmy!

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