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Styling Your Session Using Style and Select

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So you’ve chatted with your photographer, picked a date, booked your session – now comes the challenging part…. coordinating outfits.

Whether your session involves two or twenty people, creating a cohesive but different style for each member of your photoshoot can be a difficult task.

Though Pinterest inspiration, online shopping, and just going out and winging it can all be great options – I am so happy to offer my clients access to an incredible styling tool that can be used to help inspire your outfits or even create the exact outfits you purchase.

This is where Style & Select comes in! is a website created specifically for creating cohesive outfits that can be used for inspiration for your session or even purchased directly!

My clients can follow these step by step directions below for styling their own outfits.

Step 1: Visit

Step 2: Enter the access code I give you, along with my email address (

Step 3: Choose your vibe. What style of clothing most suits you?

Step 4: Fill out the questionnaire – How many people and who they are, your favorite color scheme, and submit!

Step 5: View your results!

Step 6: Choose your favorites and email the results!

Maternity clients will be able to view my available client closet items, and if you already have some pieces selected – you can upload and add them to your guide! If you select items out of my client closet, please be sure to notify me that you would like to use them so I can prep them and bring them to the session.

This guide can be used as inspiration for your purchases or outfits from the guide can be purchased directly through the site!

Happy Shopping and I can’t wait for our session!

Five Sparrows Photography is a lifestyle family, portrait photographer in Mid-Missouri, based out of the Syracuse, Tipton, Versailles, and Otterville areas.

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