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About Me

If you’re here, chances are you know a bit about me already, but if you don’t I’m so happy you’re here. I’m Sarah – a wife, momma to two of the wildest little stinky boys (one sunshine baby, an angel baby between, and one rainbow), cheesecake lover, legging wearer, and hopefully your past and/or future photographer.

Even though I live and primarily photograph the general radius around Tipton, Missouri, I am willing to go anywhere my heart or my clients take me. Traveling is a big, exciting, shining goal on my bucket list and I don’t have anywhere in particular I want to go besides everywhere.

I love a lot of things: creating moments for you and your families, making art for myself, writing about any and everything, having conversations about random subjects, trying anything new, and spending time with the people who love me most.

Little pieces of my life will come out in this blog – where I want to write about you, about your moments, about my life – both good and bad – and educate, entertain, and keep you up to date on all the things Five Sparrows.

I can’t wait to get to know each other!



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